12 December: Keep praying!

12 Dec 12 December: Keep praying!


Earth Day Image, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Flickr, under Creative Commons License

We’re sending this out now because we’ve heard that the next draft of the Paris Agreement is due to be sent to the lawyers at about 2 AM Paris time, before being translated and presented to delegates at a 9:00 AM conference tomorrow. The French Presidency then hopes that the agreement will be adopted by ministers in the afternoon at 2:00 PM. This timetable is far from guaranteed – but it offers the best available¬†framework for our prayers.

Our world needs this conference to inspire strong climate action – action that safeguards creation and those who are most vulnerable, that promotes equity and offers a chance for all people to flourish. And so, even at this late stage, we continue to pray.

As a global movement, we’re spread across continents and time zones.¬† For those who will see this call to prayer at a time when the negotiations about the draft text itself are continuing, please pray:

  • that God will grant each negotiator and political leader the stamina they need after such an exhausting few days
  • that the voices of those most affected by climate impacts will have moved delegates beyond positions of self-interest
  • that God will inspire negotiators and political leaders, both those present at COP21 and those in their own countries, with a true sense of the need to seek the common good
  • that, so strengthened and inspired, leaders and negotiators will show flexibility in areas that are difficult for them because of particular interests and sensitivities
  • that any who seek to block agreed efforts to increase justice and ambition will not be able to do so
  • that the French presidency will be given the wisdom to shape the best possible text from the discussions of the past day

For those who will see this call to prayer on Saturday as the text is presented, please pray:

  • for countries to show wisdom, grace, love of neighbour and love of justice in their responses to the text
  • that those guiding the conference’s process in its final stages may do so wisely and well
  • for the conference to make its final decisions in a way that maximises the good that comes from it

O God of love, teach us to care for this world, our common home.
Inspire government leaders as they gather in Paris to listen to and heed the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.
Let them be united in heart and mind in responding courageously.
May they seek the common good and protect the beautiful earthly garden you have created for us, for all our brothers and sisters, for all generations to come. Amen

Prayer for the Earth, from the Worldwide Appeal to COP21 Negotiating Parties