4 December: Financing climate action

04 Dec 4 December: Financing climate action

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Photograph by Isabel Carter, reproduced with permission

Today’s meetings include the topic of financing climate action and, in particular, of drawing in private finance for green development. A key financial issue will be providing sufficient funding to enable lower-income countries to adapt to the impacts of climate change as well as to undertake clean development.

At Copenhagen in 2009, high-income countries committed to mobilise US$100 billion a year by 2020 to address the needs of developing countries. Despite existing commitments, getting adequate support to meet this goal is proving an on-going and major challenge.

“The moral and economic imperatives to act on climate change could not be stronger. Although the road ahead will be difficult, with new and unexpected challenges arising along the way, we can find inspiration in Nelson Mandela’s famous dictum: ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’ We face an unprecedented opportunity to achieve a more sustainable, prosperous, and socially just future. Creating that future must start now.”       Desmond Tutu and Trevor Manuel, June 2015, “Why tackling climate change is a moral and economic imperative.”

We pray:

  • for barriers to be removed and for agreement and vision to build up adequate climate finance
  • for justice in sharing the financial burden of adapting to climate change
  • giving thanks for the substantial funding for clean energy promised by the African Development bank on Tuesday
  • for wisdom, inspiration and resolve for our politicians, leaders and negotiators as they seek to finalise a draft text.


“Be glad, earth and sky! Roar, sea, and every creature in you;
Be glad, fields, and everything in you!
The trees of the wood will shout for joy when the Lord comes to rule the earth.

He will rule the peoples of the world with justice and fairness.”        Psalm 96:11-13

God of abundance
You call us to a jubilee economy
Where people live in harmony with earth
And there is enough for all.

We are so far from our calling!
For some there is much,
For many there is little,
And the earth cries out for rest.

We pray that you will transform our hearts
So that we share with each other,
And grant us wisdom to find new ways
Of providing for all
And restoring the land.

We ask this
For love of you,
For love of each other,
For love of all life on earth
And the generations yet to come.

Prayer from CCOW contributed by Pray and Fast for the Climate