5 December: Action Day

05 Dec 5 December: Action Day

Copyright: Isabel Carter

Copyright: Isabel Carter

Today is ‘Action Day’ at the Paris climate talks. The main ‘action’ of the day will be the delivery of a draft text that can go to ministers for further negotiation next week. The deadline for its delivery is twelve noon, and negotiators have been hard at work.

But today the climate talks are also celebrating actions already taken – and so can we, celebrating everything from the kind of major initiatives to cut emissions that have been announced at the climate talks to the small actions we take to help to preserve our common home.

For today’s prayer, why not first pray for the negotiators in Paris, asking that they be gifted with boldness and courage, and that they keep the best interests of all of God’s wondrous creation top of mind as they negotiate. Then give thanks for positive actions and commitments that have already been announced at the Paris talks.

Finally, take a sheet of paper and write down some of the people who have inspired you by their words or by what they’ve done to care for creation. Give thanks for them, and think of an action that you, in turn, can take. Offer your commitment up to God … praying this prayer for yourself and for others:

Gracious God, Creator of All,
we raise our hearts in grateful praise
for all the beauty that surrounds us.
May we learn to respect all
as a sacred gift
and do what we can to repair
the damage we have caused
through our consumerism, greed and carelessness.
Grant us an ecological conversion
so that we can leave
our next generation
with a future full of hope 
where there is enough for all.
We ask this in the name of Jesus.

Prayer by Sr. Marlene Kelly, GSIC,
contributed by Citizens for Public Justice