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28 Mar Easter Reflection

This reflective powerpoint by Elizabeth Perry of CCOW links our love of the natural world with God's love expressed through creation. It provides an opportunity to recall God's goodness and rejoice in his love. For the love of creation ...

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27 May Environment Sunday

This year World Environment Day and Environment Sunday fall on the same day - June 5th. If you are looking for resources to use, here are some suggestions from around the world … From the Catholic Health Association of the US, a lovely prayer for the...

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12 Dec 12 December: Keep praying!

[caption id="attachment_18116" align="alignleft" width="150"] Earth Day Image, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, Flickr, under Creative Commons License[/caption] We're sending this out now because we've heard that the next draft of the Paris Agreement is due to be sent to the lawyers at about 2 AM Paris...

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