9 December: Crunch time approaches in Paris

09 Dec 9 December: Crunch time approaches in Paris

Coordination meeting of French delegation, COP21

Coordination meeting of French delegation, COP21

The deadline for finalising the text for the final agreement is approaching in Paris, and as usual in these processes, all kinds of stresses and compromises are rising to the surface. As the pressures mounts to reach agreement (on global temperature targets, emissions commitments and mechanisms to review and scale up these commitments), tangible targets may be put aside or traded off against each other.

Energy levels are bound to be struggling after 10 days of tough negotiations. Now is a key time for our prayers. If you’ve been faithfully praying with us each day, now, today, is the time to reach out to your friends and colleagues and get them praying too…..

The climate change agreements happen in the eleventh hour. That is the tradition, because the most difficult parts are left for the end, and it is an overall package,” comments Miguel Arias Cañete, EU commissioner for climate action and energy.

We pray that diplomats will be united in their determination to resolve on-going issues and focus with determination on a just, ambitious and legally binding agreement to be agreed by the end of the summit.

We pray for all of the negotiators who are poring over text, wrangling over language, and seeking concessions as they build a global agreement on addressing climate change. In the midst of late nights and endless meetings, remind them for whose sake they work. Send your Holy Spirit to empower them, that they might seek the welfare not simply of their respective countries, but of your good creation and those who are left most vulnerable by the effects of climate change.

In particular we pray:

  • for flexibility from the few countries that are proving serious barriers to agreement
  • for tangible decarbonisation targets and other core elements such as a mechanism to review and improve targets, not to be put aside in order to reach agreement on a global temperature target
  • for renewed vision, clarity of thought and passion to restore energy levels for negotiators
  • for the eyes of the world to focus with clarity on what is at stake in Paris
  • for a massive upsurge of targeted prayer to surround these last few crucial days.


Kiribati President Anote Tong said today, “Offer a prayer tonight before you go to sleep for an agreement in Paris.”

 “Those who trust in the Lord for help will find their strength renewed. They will rise on wings like eagles; they will run and not get weary; they will walk and not grow weak”. Isaiah 40:31

Contributions from Pray & Fast for the Climate, Tearfund and Kyle Meyaar-Schaap, Creation Care Coordinator at the Office of Social Justice for the Christian Reformed Church in North America