Praying and Fasting at the Provincial Legislature (Toronto)

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24 Apr Praying and Fasting at the Provincial Legislature (Toronto)

Five students from the Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, Green Team gathered at Queen’s Park, the location of our Provincial legislature buildings (you can see the front entrance in the photo),  on April 20th  and 21st [Eds note: This was a special Pray and Fast as part of the preparations to celebrate Earth Day].On both days there was mixture of rain and hail, but it abated. We did mid-day prayers, as it was noon, and then read the meditation for April 1 as well the other prayers from this month’s prayer notes. The notes were great. We loved praying for particular things, including facts about the environment and people involved. One of our present students is from the South Pacific, so it was meaningful to pray for Vanuatu.
The Green Team is excited to pray and fast on the next first day of the month, May 1, and to be praying and fasting over the next year.
Ted Williams, Green Team