Ruth Valerio Reflects on Pray and Fast

28 Jan Ruth Valerio Reflects on Pray and Fast

Making no sense if God doesn’t exist

‘Pray!’ wasn’t one of the top things I expected people to shout out at a church service recently when I asked people to call out ideas as to what we can each be doing to play our part in caring for our world. And yet there it was, amongst all the usual things that we tend to think about: recycling, driving and flying less, reducing food waste and so on.

The lady who said this was absolutely right, though, and we paused for a moment to think about why that might be a crucial thing for us to be doing alongside all the other practical ideas that people had and that we are looking at in the Green Living series on this blog.

I love this reminder from Justin Welby (reflecting Stanley Hauerwas) that, ‘the church should always be engaged in doing things that make no sense if God does not exist. The thing that would most make no sense at all if God does not exist is prayer. [Being part of] a praying community is the ultimate wager on the existence of God, and is anything but comfortable or risk-free’.[1]

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